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Manage your Infrastructure as Code lifecycle

Prevent uncontrolled deploys | Reduce troubleshooting

Available with Terraform

on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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Jumpstart your adoption of 

Infrastructure as Code

Get started with Templates on Day 1

Ready-to-use templates help you get started on Infrastructure as Code and launch a fully configured Kubernetes Clusters in minutes.

Immediately access the corresponding Terraform code based on industry standards and save it to your own git repository.


Available on Amazon AWS (EKS), Microsoft Azure (AKS) and Google Cloud Platform (GKE)

Import your existing environments and turn them into Terraform Code

Import existing point-and-click environments from your Cloud Provider consoles and turn them into infrastructure code that you can adapt, reuse and share.

CloudSkiff is a DevOps tool that manages the lifecycle of your infrastructure stack with clean infrastructure code, so that you can focus on building and running your apps!

Build your pipeline and 

Streamline your workflow

Build and manage your infrastructure as Code pipeline

Save your infrastructure code to your Git repository and deploy your environments from your CloudSkiff console to your own IaaS infrastructure. 

Commits within the repo impact your resources. The Terraform code that is executing is versioned and traced.

Manage code quality and collaborate as a team

Grant controlled autonomy to junior team members and collaborate on your projects and pipelines. 


  • Check commits for quality. A linter helps you avoid basic mistakes. 

  • Create your own templates to share with your team,

  • Get audit trails with logs and manage Role Based Access Control.

Centralization help safeguard against basic mistakes and limit risks of safety breaches.

We currently support Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform and provide templates for their managed versions of Kubernetes (EKS / AKS / GKE). 

More Clouds and templates to come soon.

Need another IaaS or another setup?
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Manage your Infrastructure as Code lifecycle

Prevent uncontrolled deploys | Reduce troubleshooting


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